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Rotary kiln

Rotary kiln is one of the key equipment for oxidized pellet production line, whose main function is rotary bake with high temperature the drying pelleting from travelling grate machine around 30minutes and oxidize them to be qualified pellet ore.

This rotary kiln is a kind of pellet kiln, the shell of which is made by steel plate rolling and welding. The inner diameter and length of kiln shell is 4.3m and 30m respectively. Inside the shell are lined with refractory bricks. The shell at an inclination angle of 4% with horizontal plane is supported by two nos. of tires on double supporting device. The resiliently mounted big gear ring is close to the tail of shell, which engages with one nos. of pinion. And the pinion is driven by one set of transmission gear.

Working Principle

The material is fed into the kiln for calcination from kiln tail (high end of shell). Due to the inclination and slow rotation of shell, material shall generate a compound motion including roll around the circumference and axial displacement from high end to low end.

The fuel is sprayed into the kin for combustion from kiln head. After heat exchange process with material, exhaust gas will be discharged from kiln tail.

Product Features
  • Shell

    The shell is made by Q235-B steel plate rolling and welding. The thickness of shell wall is 30mm generally, but 60mm at the part below tire and 50mm at the transition section on both sides of tire, which can ensure good rigidity of shell. At feed & discharge end of shell forms the sleeve space into which cold blast is blown for cooling by special blower via bell mouth. The big gear ring is fixed near the tail of shell, and tangent spring plate is used for connecting the big gear ring and shell. That is, one end of spring plate is connected with the shell and the other end is hinged on the flange of gear ring by fitting bolt. The connection structure of hanging the big gear ring on the shell shall leave enough space for heat dissipation between gear ring and shell, which will reduce the influence of bending deformation of kiln body on meshing accuracy and play a certain role in shock absorption. Two nos. of rectangular tires are fitted along the direction of shell length, and the clearance between the tire and the base plate of shell shall be determined by thermal expansion amount. During kiln operation, tire is hooped on the shell due to the expansion of shell, which can increase the rigidity of shell.

  • Drive mode

    With single drive adopted, the drive system is driven by one nos. of YTP355L-6 motor. And it’s also equipped with auxiliary drive device, thus ensuring that the kiln can still be turned slowly during main power failure, which will avoid the warping of kiln shell and bring convenience to maintenance.

  • Supporting device

    The supporting device is composed of supporting roller, supporting roller shaft, rolling bearing and base. Press-fit is adopted for supporting roller and its shaft. Hydraulic thrust roller device is used in supporting device. The hydraulic thrust roller system consists of thrust roller device (including thrust roller, hollow shaft, guiding shaft, rolling bearing, oil cylinder, support and etc.), thrust roller travel switch and oil pump station.

    With hydraulic thrust roller adopted, supporting roller can be installed completely parallel to the axis of kiln body, thus not only avoiding the problem occurred during the adjustment of supporting roller, but also creating the conditions for safe operation of rotary kiln. The hydraulic thrust roller shall force the tire and shell to make reciprocating motion along the axis of kiln at a certain speed and travel.



Pellet kiln




4% (Sine)

Number of support



Main drive: 0.67-169r/min; auxiliary drive: 12r/h

Drive type

Single drive


Main Drive

Auxiliary Drive


Power( kw)

Rated Speed (r/min)


Power (kw)

Rated Speed (r/min)









Main Drive

Auxiliary Drive


Speed Ratio


Speed Ratio

ZSY710-71-Ⅴ(oil poor lubrication)




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