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Active lime

Compared with ordinary lime, the advantages of active lime are:

Less volume density (1.5~1.7g/cm3)

Larger specific surface area (1.2~2m2/g)

Higher porosity (up to 50%)

Mineral crystal of calcium oxide is finer (1-3μm)

Higher chemical purity (CaO>92%,SiO2+Fe2O3+Al2O3<3%,S<0.02~0.05%)

Lower content of residual CO2 (LOI≤2~5%)

Higher activity (up to 380ml)

Most of premium active lime are being produced with rotary kiln technology in USA, Germany and Japan. More rotary kilns instead of shaft kilns are being installed for high quality active lime in China since 2015.

Advantages of rotary kilning:

1.Maximum single line output – 1200TPD in China, 1500TPD in Germany.

2.Independent control of major equipment (preheater, kiln & cooler).

3.Flexible adjustment as per customer’s requirement on quality and output.

4.The best quality –

  •  even & sufficient calcination
  •  the lowest under firing & overburn rate (≤3%)
  •  the lowest CO2 residual (≤0.5%)
  •  the highest activity (30ml higher than the others with same raw material & fuel)
  •  the lowest  content.
  • 5.Limestone, sized at 10-30mm, can be used to reduce the raw material cost.

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    ANDE has devoted to R & D of new technologies, and has obtained a number of patents and software copyrights, including:

    Grinding roller circulating lubrication device (patent No.: ZL 2018 2 0419135.5)

    VRM protection device for interrupted feeding (patent No.: ZL 2018 2 0426903.X)

    Waste heat recovery technology for active lime rotary kiln line (patent No.: ZL 2020 1 0954122.X) Coal injection control system of lime kiln:(copyright No.: 2018SR382558)

    Coal injection system of pelletizing rotary kiln (copyright No.: 2018SR382020)

    Automatic control system of fuel and combustion air for HGG (copyright No.: 2018SR380452)

    Coal pulverizing & injection control system for BF (copyright No.: 2018SR382323)

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