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Hermetic weighing feeder

The hermetic weighing coal feeder is a belt coal feeder with an electronic measuring weighing device, which is mainly used to transport coal from the coal storage bin to the coal mill. And it has the function of speed sensor, coal jam , alarm signal and deviation alarm signal device.

Totally-enclosed weighing coal feeder is a kind of belt feeder with electronic measuring & weighing device, which is mainly applied to transfer coal from storage silo to coal mill. And it is equipped with speed sensor, coal interruption & blockage and off tracking alarm signal device.

Working Principle

The coal shall be delivered into weighing coal feeder from coal bunker by adjusting device for dropped coal and feed hopper. The adjusting device can be adopted to control the location of dropped coal. In addition, the calibrated gate on feed hopper can be used for fine adjustment of feeding coal.

The sweeping device is used to clear up accumulating coal at the bottom of weighing coal feeder. During equipment operation, the coal which has stuck to the outer side and inner side of belt shall be removed by the scraper of outer and inner sweeper respectively. In addition, coal ash is also produced for the reason of seal air and accumulated at the bottom. It may cause blockage or spontaneous combustion if not swept away in time.

The scraper chain is driven by electric motor to drag coal ash to the outlet of coal feeder for discharge. The chained scraper cleaner and coal belt conveyor shall operate simultaneously to reduce the amount of accumulating coal to the minimum. Because some of the coal is scraped out from the outlet of coal feeder without being weighed, continuous cleaning can reduce error. And continuous operation of cleaning chain can also prevent chain pin from bonding and rusting.

The electronic measuring & weighing device is installed below the weigher and consists of such major components as weighing rollers, weighing sensor and encoder. The integrator is connected with electronic measuring & weighing device by cable.

When belt conveyor is transporting material, the weight of material shall act upon the force sensor, which will produce a voltage signal in direct proportion to the load of material and transmit it into the integrator. In the meantime, the integrator shall receive a speed signal from speed sensor, and obtain instantaneous and accumulated flow value by means of integral operation of weight and speed signal.

Equipped below the outlet of coal feeder, the coal blockage signal device is a RF admittance level switch. If coal flow is clogged at the place where the level switch is located, coal blockage signal device shall give alarm signal and stop the total enclosed coal feeder.

Product Features

    The totally enclosed weighing coal feeder is mainly composed of inlet tube, dropped coal shaping gate, enclosure, coal belt conveyor, cleaning chain device, weighing device, outlet blockage & off tracking alarm signal device, electric control device and etc..

    The inlet tube for dropped coal is a link for coal conveying. The gate shall play a certain role in cutting off material.

    The enclosure is overall welded steel frame structure, which is covered by steel plates with different thickness and equipped with a number of observation windows for the convenience of installation, maintenance and monitoring the running condition of equipment.

    The coal belt conveyor is installed inside the enclosure. Its drive device consists of two nos. of motors and power base, which is equipped on one side of the head of rack and connected with drive sprocket shaft via drive pulley shaft at the head of rack. The tension device and driven pulley are installed at the rear of rack. By adjusting the regulating nut of tension device, the driven pulley can be moved to change the distance between it and drive pulley, thus adjusting the tension of belt to result in a proper pretension force at the place where the belt is separated from drive pulley and ensure normal operation of equipment for conveying coal.

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