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Bag filter

It has the following advantages: it has great capacity; its clean effect is good and dust control is highly effective; It is a large dust removal equipment with small floor area, stable operation, reliable performance and convenient maintenance. The product adopts modular production and stable quality.

MFseries bag filter is developed by our technical staff who draw lessons from domestic and abroad advanced dust collection technology, and it is widely applied in recycling and dust control in the fields of electric power, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and so on.

Based on proven technology of pulse bag filter, a series of protection and detection systems have been added to improve dust collection technology which has been recognized by design institutes, experts and users.

(1)The off-line maintenance technology: New lift valve technology has been adopted to realize the function of non-stop maintenance (Offline, online cleaning methods can be chosen arbitrarily). The protection device of lift valve can avoid bag filter fault caused by the lift valve, so it is ensured that equipment operation will not be influenced for the reason of bag filter.

(2)Detection & monitoring technology: According to operation characteristics of process equipment, sophisticated online detecting and monitoring equipment that can detect gas temperature and pressure of dust collector in operation have been equipped to do all measures, monitoring, controlling, alarming, protection and interlock functions, and monitor the running of bag filter at any time.

(3)The PLC programmable controller technology: Control adopts the programmable controller cabinet, which has communication interface matched with the DCS system and can realize manual/automatic control of the bag filter.

(4)Resistance control of equipment: Improving the design to reduce the equipment resistance from two aspects: equipment structure and filter material.

Working Principle

The gas purification method of MF pulse bag filter is out-filtering. The air with fines enters into the bag-house from wind channel and the bottom of dust hopper; the airflow is uniformly distributed in the whole filtration chamber. The fine particles in the air are separated by natural settling and fall into the dust hopper directly, the other fines enter into the filtering area in middle box with the airflow, and are absorbed at the outside surface of the filter bag. The clean air is discharged from the upper box and exhaust pipe.

With the progress of filtration condition, when the surface fines reach a certain amount, the dust-removal control device (differential pressure, timing or manual control) opens the electromagnetic pulse valve to blow according to the set program. Compressed air shall enter into the filter bag at a very short time through each pulse valve, form air wave, thus causing a sharp expansion and vibration from the opening to the bottom of the filter bag and making a strong strength to shake off the fines from the filter bag.

The fines which fall into the dust hopper are discharged from dust discharging valve by screw conveyor.

The bag filter has online & offline fines cleaning function and offline maintenance function.

Bag filter control (includes ash cleaning control) adopt PLC control .The control of entire system is automatic unattended control which can provide feedback information to the factory system and accept remote control from plant system.

All maintenance working can be done in air purification chamber of bag filter or outside and do not need entering inside.

Product Features

    Bag filter is composed of bag filter body, protection system, nitrogen & compressed air system (including storage tank, oil-water separator and pipeline), control system (including instruments, PLC cabinet, MCC cabinet, site operation cabinet) and etc..

  • Main equipment

    Structure frame and box --- Structure frame is used for supporting bag filter body, dust hopper and ash conveying equipment and so on; Boxes include upper box, middle box, dust hopper and etc..

    Filter bag, cage bone and tubesheet --- Dust filtering system consists of filter bag and cage bone; tube sheet is used to support filter-bag unit and separate filtration chamber and air purification chamber, and also as the maintenance platform for filter-bag unit; filter-bag unit is installed from tube sheet.

    Incoming system---includes inlet main pipe, guide plate and air inlet control valve.

    Dust discharging system-----Dust discharging system of bag filter is composed of heater installed on the dust hopper of bag filter, screw conveyor and etc.. At its lower part can be connected with the platform, handrail of conveying equipment such as bin pump and maintenance platform of manual (pneumatic) valves.

  • Nitrogen & compressed air system

    Nitrogen & compressed air system consists of storage tanks, nitrogen & compressed air pipeline, pressure reducing valve, pressure meter, air source treatment triple and etc..

  • Control system

    Control system includes instruments and meters, main control cabinet of bag filter with PLC as main body, local operation box, overhaul power box, lighting power box and etc..



Fault Phenomenon



Working resistance is too great

1. Smoke condensation sticks on the bags;

2. Pulse valve does not work;

3. Switch valve is not closed when pulse valve works;

4. Low dust cleaning pressure;

5. One or several lift valves are in OFF state.

1. After raising the flue gas temperature and drying the filter bag, do many times of offline pulse dust cleaning;

2. Check dust cleaning control system, and get rid of fault;

3. Check air supply system and get rid of fault;

4. Check lift valve and get rid of fault.


Working resistance is too little

1. Filter bag is damaged;

2. Bypass valve is opened.

1. Change filter bag;

2. Observe whether the temperature and moisture of gas exceed the limit.

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