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Our companys dryer was successfully used in the successful sludge utilization industry


In November 2015, the two 3*40m rotary dryers built by our company for Guangdong Xinwise Environmental Building Materials Co., Ltd. were successfully commissioned, marking that the comprehensive utilization of urban sludge of Xinwise Environmental Building Materials was officially put into use.

In response to the government's call for environmental protection requirements at that time, Xinzhizhi Environmental Protection Building Materials built a 200,000-ton comprehensive utilization project of urban sludge. Our company is responsible for design, equipment supply and commissioning.

The comprehensive utilization project of urban sludge is to dry and deodorize the high-moisture municipal sludge produced by the sewage treatment plant. The sludge contains a large amount of fixed carbon and volatile components, and then enters the boiler for combustion and generates heat. Used in the manufacture of building materials.

This project solves the sludge treatment problem generated by several local sewage treatment plants in Foshan, and at the same time saves coal consumption in the manufacturing process of building materials, which will generate huge economic benefits in the later stage.

The drying system designed and produced by our company can dry sludge with a water content of more than 90%.

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