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Andy and China National Color Co., Ltd. signed a pulverized coal preparation system contract for the 160,000 tons/year zinc slag treatment project in India


In February 2017, Andy and China National Nonferrous Metals (HZL) (Hindustan Zinc Limited) signed a 160,000 tons/year zinc slag treatment valuable metal recovery project in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India (hereinafter referred to as zinc Slag Treatment Project) signed a pulverized coal preparation system contract. The project is located in Chanderiya, Rajasthan, India, and the contract period is 6 months. HZL India is a subsidiary of Vedanta Group Holding Company listed on the London Stock Exchange. It is mainly engaged in the business of zinc, lead, silver and other metals. It is one of the world's largest integrated zinc producers. This project is Andi's first foreign project in the preparation of pulverized coal in the non-ferrous smelting industry. Since 2008, Andy has set foot in the pulverized coal preparation system of the non-ferrous industry with its own technology and core products. So far, there have been more than a dozen successful projects, which has established the confidence in the company's technology and equipment. It is based on this trust and confidence, as well as the active follow-up of the project development team, that Andy was able to sign the contract for the pulverized coal preparation system.

The Indian zinc slag treatment project is to transform one of the 210,000 tons/year production lines of HZL's Chanderiya Zinc Plant. The original jarosite process is changed to a conventional leaching process, and then the acid leaching slag produced by the conventional leaching process is passed through the fire method Smoke treatment and recover the valuable metals. Its purpose is to greatly strengthen the recovery of valuable metals such as silver and lead in zinc smelting raw materials and convert the final production slag into clean slag, so as to solve the production and environmental protection pressure caused by a large amount of iron vitriol storage.

The pulverized coal preparation system undertaken by Andi Company is to provide pulverized coal fuel for the pyrolysis furnace. The raw coal is ground and dried to 200 meshes through a vertical coal mill and supporting equipment, and collected by a pulverized coal collector. The bin is for the injection system. The unique and complete explosion-proof design of Andy's pulverized coal preparation system effectively avoids the flammability and explosion of pulverized coal and the danger of dust explosion areas.

   In 2014, Andy assisted CNMC to provide technical solutions for pulverized coal preparation systems during the meeting with HZL, and actively recommended vertical grinding systems. In the same year, a domestic company also recommended Raymond grinding technology and had in-depth exchanges with the owner. Under this extremely unfavorable situation, Andy did not give up, relying on its own excellent technical background to refine the plan for the pulverized coal preparation system. Andy has provided multiple sets to large domestic non-ferrous smelting enterprises (Chihong Zinc and Germanium, Shandong Gold, Shandong Hengbang, Xing'an Copper and Zinc, Mengzi Mining and Metallurgy, Shadian Lead, Xinjiang Shenhong, Guangxi Shengfu, etc.) Pulverized coal preparation system. Through a large number of achievements, China National Color Co., Ltd. highly praised the process of the pulverized coal preparation system and fully affirmed the technical plan of Andy.

In January 2017, the project entered a critical bidding stage. Against the backdrop of the current global economic downturn, CNMC also carefully calculated the budget for this project. After several rounds of bid evaluation and exchanges, the two parties reached a final consensus. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the two parties completed the signing of the contract.

After more than two years of hard work, and with the hard work of the sales and technical team of Andy, Andy finally won the pulverized coal preparation system contract. This project has expanded new business areas for Andy in the non-ferrous metal industry, and laid a solid foundation for the continued cooperation between Andy and HZL India in the follow-up project.

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