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The successful commissioning of the double-roll four-roller crusher project of the 3.5 million tons steel project in Malaysia Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park


In February 2017, our company and China Metallurgical Changtian International Engineering Co., Ltd. signed an order contract for the "3.5 million tons of iron and steel project sintering project in Malaysia Mazhong Kuantan Industrial Park-Double Roll Four Roll Crusher" in Changsha, Hunan.

The key equipment of the sintering fuel crushing section of the project is provided by our company with six roller crushers for crushing the sintering fuel to a qualified particle size.

The equipment was shipped in June 2017 and installed on site by MCC Changtian. In April 2018, our company's technical staff conducted on-site commissioning. On April 28, the load test of the entire production line was successful. Meet the commissioning conditions of the entire sintering section.

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