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The pulverized coal preparation system of Guangxi Nandan South Metal Co., Ltd., undertaken by Andy , was successfully commissioned


In September 2017, our company and Guangxi Nandan South Metal Co., Ltd. signed the "Pulverized Coal Preparation System Contract for the Comprehensive Recycling of Antimony and Silver Polymetallic Recycling Economy and Environmental Treatment Industrial Upgrade Project". The contract stipulates that our company will build a pulverized coal preparation system with a capacity of 20t/h for the Southern Company, which will be used to provide pulverized coal fuel to the sooting furnace in the slag recovery process.

The project uses our company's core product vertical coal mill short-flow pulverizing process, combined with local fire protection requirements for the whole system explosion-proof design, and adopts the flue gas self-circulation system independently developed by our company to further save energy and reduce consumption.

The control system adopts the ECS700 system of Zhejiang University to realize the requirement of unattended on-site.

The project entered the on-site installation phase in December of that year. Commissioning was carried out in April 2018, and the load test run was successful on May 2, producing qualified pulverized coal.

The products our company provides for Nanse Co., Ltd. have reached a high level in the domestic industry in terms of design, material selection, manufacturing and configuration, and their performance parameters, appearance, operation, maintenance, spare parts and services have reached the specified requirements. It has made due contributions to the circular economy and environmental governance industry.

The commissioning of this project has further stabilized the market share of our company's coal preparation system in the non-ferrous industry.

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